Maui (Pt 2)

The rest of the Maui trip photos!

On Thursday, we went snorkeling at Honolua Bay with Aimee & Mitch, and then we all went to dinner at Mama’s Fish House, this really nice restaurant that everyone recommended checking out.

It’s a beautiful location, right next to the ocean.



Fruity cocktails!




Wish I had more photos of Aimee and Mitch but I was clearly slacking on taking photos… all the photos of people are from Aimee’s camera. Mostly I took a lot of photos of food. ^^;

The food was amazing and it was an awesome dinner!







Friday, I dragged Marcus around while I did some last minute gift shopping for people, and then we had lunch and went to the aquarium.

Those are glass fish embedded into the bottom. They’re slightly raised to create a cool effect.


A very friendly flounder.

Puffer fish!

And Marcus giving a kiss to the ugliest fish I have ever seen…

They had baby turtles!

And then it was back to the Banyan tree  on Front Street for one last shaved ice stop.

We ran across a tiny plant nursery and stopped in to check it out. They had baby piglets! Sorry the photo is so blurry but it was too cute not to post. I bought a baby plumeria tree for them that is now in my backyard and I’m hoping one day, I’ll have pretty plumeria blossoms in my yard.

Marcus and I had our last meal in Maui at Lahaina Grill which I also highly recommend. Mama’s Fish House was a more traditional type of food and Lahaina Grill is more experimental with a lot of unusual flavors. Both were so yummy and I’m glad we got to try out both.




And then it was home to pack up and return to Cali.

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  • Josh

    I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were going to be close to Lahaina!!! I would have had you go say hi to my uncle for me.

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