Using Up Scrap Fabrics – Mission Report #1

It’s a never ending goal but I’m actually making some progress on my scrap fabric pile! My last few projects have been fast, fun, and easy, and if you’re looking to use up some of those cute remnants you have laying around, here are some good projects.

I’m completely in love with this lunch bag tutorial from Pink Penguin. I don’t think I’d use this as a lunch bag but it’s versatile enough to be used for anything and it’s a decent sized bag. I took a photo next to Yoyo for scale… he looks a little put out because I woke him up to take the photo.

My first bag was a bunny themed one that I sent to Aimee. Most of the fabrics in this bag were leftovers from the quilts I made for her daughters 2 years ago.

My second bag was made from scraps of the adorable Michael Miller Bug Jars fabric.

I made a slight modification to finish off the inside seam. I added 1/2″ to the height to the cover pieces and took that extra 1/2″ and wrapped it around the last seam you sew which is exposed on the inside. Then I top stitched through all the layers to finish it. It’s a lot of layers so a weaker machine might get stuck  but this is an option if you don’t like the exposed seams inside. I really liked how it looked so I’ll continue doing this. Next time I’ll use thread that matches though. I ran out of light green thread and I had to finish the bag that night…

I wanted to make a sock bin  for the Larva because she likes to leave a trail of shed socks across the floor as the day progresses. A lot of the fabric bins I’ve made in the past were pretty time consuming and I wanted something fast this time. This tutorial for making fabric bins that Aimee sent me was perfect.

I used Bug Jars fabric again and made this in a couple of hours. I used Peltex inside so it’s super stiff. It’s not as pretty as other bins I’ve made in the past but the ease of construction and time savings was well worth it.

And it’s great for holding socks! Except that the Larva keeps taking it and upending it on to the floor.

And the last project is this cute purse I made from a purse pattern from Etsy. I love how the bag looks and it’s a perfect size for my needs. The instructions could be a bit clearer, but it’s a simple purse, so it’s easy to figure what’s going on. I’m going to try to think of another way to assemble this bag so that I can get Peltex inside. I like very stiff purses and interfacing alone doesn’t seem to be enough.