Fanime Report… sorta.

It’s only sort of a report because we really didn’t do anything other than sit in our panels and run around doing masquerade stuff.

Thanks to everyone who came to our panels and if you have any suggestions on stuff we can improve, please please tell us! Like: AJ, you make no sense, ohmigod learn to form a coherent sentence and until then, let Judy do the talking.

We can take it. =D

Seriously though, it’s hard to tell how you’re doing when the audience is not very responsive. The hard costuming panel was great but the advanced cosplay one… we were really unsure how it was going since no one was asking questions. Do we need more visial aids? More demos? Less yakking…? Attrition rate of attendees wasn’t too bad so I guess that’s something at least.

I think I managed to see most of the people I knew at Fanime which is yay!

As for the Oscaru costume… I was up all night Friday finishing it. ^^; Yeah, I know I said I was almost done but somehow, Aimee and I were up all night anyways finishing. How does that always happen?!

Anyways, I only have a couple photos on my site as I’m waiting on photographers. Future photo spamming will be done on the hcc_cosplay journal so feel free to join that if you’re interested in our group projects.

Ok, just one brief fangirl spaz moment: we look like the real takarasiennes from the show in that photo Ziggy took of us above!!! YAAAAY!

Ok, I’m done. =D