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Dickens Fair & GBACG Holiday Tea

Last year I missed all the holiday events due to Larva so this year I was really happy to get to the Dickens Fair and the GBACG Holiday Tea event this year.

I finally made a comfy costume for Dickens so that I could eat ALL THE THINGS. Srsly, Dickens Fair has some of the yummiest food, and every year I’m sad that I can’t eat more because I’m wearing a corset. This year, Judy, D and I were Victorian maids. Bunny actually wore something nice so I guess we were her maids! And Mi and Lorelai did street urchins. It was a fun comfy group and I think we stopped at every single stall that had something edible. It was awesome. =D

Costume College 2012

It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to Costume College and I’ve gotten more into historical costumes over the last couple of years (thanks to Judy and Aimee), so I was excited about going again.

Judy and I taught 2 classes: 18th century wigs (actually Judy taught this one and I was her T.A.), and resin casting in your kitchen. I attended a couple hat making classes and an heirloom sewing class. Sadly, I missed a couple classes I really wanted to take because of limiteds. Next year, I need to pay a bit more attention to when my limiteds are. ^^;

I came back all inspired to make more historical costumes!

Dickens Fair 2011

We went to Dickens Fair a couple of weekends ago.  It’s one of my favorite events of the year and I always love taking friends to it.

This year, we ate our way across Dickens Fair. We started eating as soon as we got through the entrance and just continued eating the whole day. Sadly, one cannot eat that much in a corset. I really need to go back in muggle clothes so I can have more food (which is really good at Dickens Fair). =D

As always, it was kind of dark inside which made it hard to take photos. I’d like to go to the historical park in San Jose in the spring and get nice some nice photos of this dress.

Halloween at Disney

Ever since we made the good fairies from Sleeping Beauty, we’ve been talking about going to Disneyland for Halloween in them. It’s been really difficult to plan because we’d have to take a day off from work and fly down, but we decided this was the year we were all going to go.