Dickens Fair 2011

We went to Dickens Fair a couple of weekends ago.  It’s one of my favorite events of the year and I always love taking friends to it.

This year, we ate our way across Dickens Fair. We started eating as soon as we got through the entrance and just continued eating the whole day. Sadly, one cannot eat that much in a corset. I really need to go back in muggle clothes so I can have more food (which is really good at Dickens Fair). =D

As always, it was kind of dark inside which made it hard to take photos. I’d like to go to the historical park in San Jose in the spring and get nice some nice photos of this dress.

Judy made my hat for me and it’s really pretty. Not sure if  you can tell but there is a bird on it! It needs to be tilted down a little more next time I wear it.


Last year, my friend, D, borrowed one of my victorian dresses, but this year that she decided she didn’t want to wear a corset and made a maid outfit. I was mildly jealous of her by hour 3 because I’m pretty sure she was WAY more comfy than I was. =D

Judy and Aimee made these awesome polonaise out of this cool brocade we got in China. I have the matching fabric in another color, so I need to make another victorian to match them.





We were admiring Judy’s…. trim.



praedestinatio‘s first victorian dress! Isn’t it awesome?!




sihaya_chan in a really pretty mid-victorian dress.


Aimee’s hat wins.

The Greater Bay Area Costuming Guild meet-up.