Steampunk photos!

kuronosho claimed to be the last one to post his photos but he forgot to count me, I am way behind the curve on this one. I’ve been busy making kiddie costumes. I think my favorite one this year was Bonta-kun for Nancy and Bry’s 1 year old baby. =D

Anyways, I’m sure everyone’s seen these already so sorry! Ed Pingol posted preview shots of our steampunk photoshoot and they look epic!!! (I’m actually kind of terrified to wear my costume again cause it really doesn’t look this good IRL. ^^; )

I present C.R.U.D. (Coalition of Rather Unusual Denizens)…

discofish as Viscount Jarvis Kendrick, Ringmaster of the Cirque du Mal

twjudy as Captain Adline Astra of the H.M.S. Zephyr

positivespace as Audioline Mixwell, Sonic Manipulator

kuronosho as Aerial Cloudstream, Rocketeer

ajmeow as Nai the Spiderlily, Assassin

kitkat_nap as Speaker Mable O’Shira, Girl Thursday

ziggybecket as Lord Obadiah Carton, Evil League of Evil Hopeful

aimeekitty as Madame Cardea, Time Traveler & Opener of Doors

mognetcentral as Diabolica Grand Duchess Elspeth Bustledomme

More photos on Ed’s site