I just got awesome photos of my Tigerlily costume from kuronosho. We were supposed to do a Arrancar photoshoot on Yaoi Con weekend but due to a number of snafus and me really not wanting to do Ulquiorra make-up again, we ended up just choosing other costumes to shoot. I picked Tigerlily ’cause I have no good photos of her.

ziggybecket brought his lighting setup and the guys went to town. The results are amaaaazing. You can’t even tell we were shooting in a hotel lobby! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

Thanks so much for all the comments on my dance photos! I was so flattered! *blush*

I spent all of this past weekend in NYC. I was there for a wedding and nearly didn’t make it back. I missed my plane back thanks to NYC subway repairs and nearly got stranded on the east coast. It was rather stressful. -_-

On the plus side, I got to see a lot of college friends I haven’t seen in years, attend a dear friend’s wedding, see my brother’s swanky new apartment (2 blocks from Wall Street!), and check out the bubble tea in NYC.

I’m so done with traveling for weddings. To all my friends out there planning weddings… California is a GREAT location. kthx. =D

I am currently stressing out over my steampunk costume which has to be done this weekend and my dance performance which is next weekend. Yay.

And finally, been closet cleaning again: Costumes for sale on ebay!