Halloween at Disney

Ever since we made the good fairies from Sleeping Beauty, we’ve been talking about going to Disneyland for Halloween in them. It’s been really difficult to plan because we’d have to take a day off from work and fly down, but we decided this was the year we were all going to go.

We changed in the parking lot (which seemed to amuse all the people driving by), and then we made our way to the tram.

 Merryweather sporting the latest in sunglass fashion for fairies.

First stop was obviously the photo in front of the castle.

 Aimee was there as Rapunzel. =D

We found that if we stopped moving to take photos, we would get the little kids coming up to ask for photos. We started out taking photos with people, but then some park employees told us we couldn’t do that anymore. =(

 Mitch caught up with us a little bit later.

 Other side of the castle. I think this was right before we got our” talking to”.

And I really do understand why they can’t have non-employees taking photos with park guests, but it made me feel so bad to say no to the kids.

 Sleeping Beauty statue!

 At the Rapunzel ride. I think they need to have a restaurant called the Fuzzy Duckling!

 Off to the Star Tours ride… which had the most insano line, so we decided to do something else first. ^^;

 Aimee and Mitch’s impromptu dancing.

 Awwww. =)

 I seem to have a lot of photos of my husband hanging off of aimee’s husband. LOL

 Mitch was so perfect as Flynn.


 Marcus acting as a hat rack while Judy fixes her hair.

 In line for the Buzz Lightyear ride.

 At which I sucked royally. Shooting left handed while holding a wand is really hard! ^^;

 And then we had to stop for some sustenance.


 We ran into a couple Briar Rose and Aurora costumers!

 At the Haunted Mansion.

 So this makes me crack up… the guys (Dennis, Mitch and Marcus), for some reason, decided that all 3 of them needed to get into one cart. I dunno what they were thinking, but they looked really squished. =D

 And then to the Indiana Jones ride… which is a lot more exciting when you think your hat is going to blow off in middle of the ride. o_O

 The castle at night. Purty!

 Cheryll insisted we go check out the dancing. =D

I thought the Mickey ghosts were super cute!


 Met up with Annie and Kimi and got in line to take pictures with the princesses.

 We waited around for Aurora obviously.

 And then on the way out, we got flagged down by a Prince Phillip!

 Flora does fireworks.

 And then back to Star Tours.

So on the way in, there is a screen that does some sort of heat signature reading and displays it. Those 2 circles of red you’re seeing are Cheryll’s boobs.  =D They read as cooler than the rest of her because she’s wearing a huge stuffed bra so obviously, no heat signature in the stuffing.  So awesome. LOL

Star Tours made me super super motion sick. I don’t think I can ever go on it again which really bums me out because I know the guy who played the Boba Fett and now I’m never going to get to see him on the ride. Blah.

 An Aurora costumer who came running after us. It was really cute. =D

And then we had to try to fit into all the things we passed… like Dumbo…

 And the teacups…


 We ran into Derek and Crisso. Indiana Jones with a stroller is awesome.

 Crisso as Marion and their baby as a little monkey.

 Crisso asked us to bless her baby. I think we blessed her with good credit, harvard and a pell fellowship. =D

 Group photo! Ash and Ally had the prettiest costumes!

 And then it was back to the car. It was a loooong day but I had a ton of fun! I wish this was something we could do every year. =)

3 comments on Halloween at Disney

  • Kim

    Super cute! Such a great idea and looks like so much fun.

  • Judy

    I dunno what was going on with my hat, but I WANNA GO AGAIN! lol

  • Mitch

    Cool stuff! Big thanks to Marcus for being cameraman etc.!

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