FSS Photoshoot

aimeekitty came up and visited with Judy and I this past weekend. We got into our epic-ly painful FSS costumes and kuronosho took amazing photos for us. They look beautiful! (I’m thinking he filtered out all the ones of us grimacing in pain when the wind blew. ^^; )

This weekend, Judy and I are driving down to L.A. because we can’t get enough of Aimee because we haven’t gone on the new Finding Nemo ride yet!!!

tristencitrine is joining us and after we’re done running around DisneyLand, we’re gonna go take a beginner pole dancing class!

I’m taking bets on who’s gonna be the first one to fall off their pole!

Your contestants are:
Aimee – who trips over sidewalks on a regular basis
AJ – who walked into a full wall mirror
Judy – who gave herself 2 black eyes by opening a door into her head
TristenCitrine – who practically faceplanted after tripping over a small cement sculpture

Sooo… if anyone of us has a tragic injury come Monday, y’all know why.