Flame Handmaiden dress, version 2.0 (kinda)


Ok, it’s more like ver 2.0 beta because all the red parts need to be completely redone so just ignore those for now, especially the godawful belt I did in the 10 minutes I had right before we had to get in the car and head out. I’m pretty happy with the dye job though. (My tub may never recover though and my toes are currently red and orange.) I wish I had managed to fade it out a little more at the bottom but I didn’t expect the cotton velvet to take the dye as well as it did. I was assuming it would fade a lot more when I rinsed it out. Oops.

Did you know this outfit actually has pants? It’s not a one piece dress at all which is what I thought it was originally and how most people make it. It’s actually 2 layers on both the top and bottom or at least a simulation of 2 layers.

Ok, no one cares. =D But it took me 3 mockups to get the top to match what they did, especially the funky hood so damnit, I’m pointing it out! =D I had to draw the line at making the pants accurately though. Cotten velvet is expensive and I used 8 yards on this outfit without making the pants so justifying buying another 3 yards for a pair of pants you can’t even tell are there was a bit hard.

Anyways, I finished this outfit to wear on Saturday to the Sacramento Memorial Hospital. One of the guys in the Central Garrison works with the hospital’s children ward to bring in costumers to visit the kids. It’s a great program that I love participating in. We bring the kids coloring books and comics and take pictures with them and visit the ones who can’t leave their beds. For me, these kind of events are the highlight of being a costuming nutcase. =)

Afterwards, Judy and I went to the California State Fair to work at the Star Wars store/ booth thingy. I’m not even sure what to call it. ^^; Basically we stood around a lot and took pictures with lots of kids and passer-byers. I’ve never been to a state fair before. It was a weird mix: they had livestock, cooking demos, a trade show and carnival rides. The goats were damn cute and thankfully it wasn’t that hot in Sacramento.

I think I want to make a Darth Maul costume. (Here’s where Cheryll dies laughing again. =P) He’s a cool character, has a badass lightsaber, and being an evil minion is so much more fun then being a good guy…