Where does one find a mini chappa’ai?

So yesterday, twjudy set up a really big fish tank by the fireplace. (I can’t wait for Yoyo and Bobo to go beserk when we put the fish in.) The tank has the usual plants and rocks and this really neato ceramic sculpture of a Roman temple in ruins.

Ok here it is… moment of utter dorkiness:

We have decided the fishtank needs a stargate to complete the scene.

Hi, who’s been watching way too much SG-1 lately? *roll eyes*

Footnote 1: Chappa’ai is the Jaffa term for stargate.

Footnote 2: You can’t buy an aquarium decoration that looks like a stargate. I hear if you want SpongebobSquarepants though, you’re in luck. We’re thinking we’ll make one in sculpey and then cast it out of cement or surfboard resin.