Gah. Help with FFXI?

Ok anyone out there who plays Final Fantasy XI… why are there so many choices when I’m trying to buy the PC version?! ARGH. ^^;

What is “The Vana’Diel Collection” and the “Chains of Promathia” and is this even remotely close to what I want if I just want the game?

I was looking at ebay auctions like this one: some random Ebay auction.

Of course I need 2 copies of the game so Judy can play too, and check it out, Amazon doesn’t carry it. Of course… why would my life be simple when I finally decide to attempt to play an online game?

Oh and last question: how true are those system reqs it lists? I’m going to attempt to install this on my work laptop cause I have no desktop… in order to have a desktop, I’d have to buy a desk and that just seems like a more expensive option than getting the entire PS2 setup. LOL. Anyways, my laptop had a Pentium M 1.6 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM so that should be ok right?

Danka! =)