Star Wars and Burger King

Thanks everyone who helped with my FFXI confusion! I ordered 2 copies this morning so yay!

I just had Burger King for lunch. Bleeeh. I don’t like Burger King… but they have these really cool Star Wars tins with watches inside them that I wanted. Maybe next time I can just buy the toy and not the meal cause YUCK.

Anyways, I got the Darth Maul and Obi Wan one. =D

I’ve been noodling doing a Darth Maul costume ’cause I love being in the 501st but being in armor can get so uncomfortable sometimes. Darth Maul would be so much comfier. (And his 2-sided light saber is SO badass!) Of course it also comes with that 1.5 hour make-up job so I need to think about it.

I did get to look at his costume up close in LA a couple weekends ago though and it’s got some really cool details. And I already have motorcycle boots and gloves so I’m saved one of the big expenses…

If you’re at all into Star Wars costumes, you should get this Dressing a Galaxy. Very very cool book.

Every time I post, I realize I need another icon. I like the one I made for this post! I probably look just like that. =P