Costume plans for next year

I made a resolution this year: In an effort to save money and clean out my fabric bins, I am only allowed to make costumes that I already have fabric for. The list is still really long which tells you how much fabric I have sittting around the house. =P

So on the allowed list for this year… *drum roll*

– Ai no Uta seek from PLC – this was done at one point but I tore it apart to fix things and need to put it back together

– Michi no Sora Aya – I have the fabric and petticoat. Just need to plan out a time with my group.

– Shu Ying from Juei Dai Shuang Jiao – no one is going to know this one but I loved this series as a kid and my costume from it was 60% done when it got waylaid by RoV costumes.

– Lime green suit from the Takarazuka 90th anniversary revue – hi, who has piles of lime green fabric lying around?

– Aosetona from Takarazuka’s Susanoo – uh yeah, any day now…

– Hades from Takarazuka’s La Esperanza – the fabric was on sale after Halloween so I couldn’t resist

– der Tod from Elisabeth – I’m not sure I have enough fabric for this costume to qualify it being on this list but I might.

– Tio from Grandia II – started almost 3 years ago! >.< NEED to finish it! Then I can wear it with Dez as Cheesecake-san!

– Starfire’s wedding dress – almost done!

– Starfire’s Robin costume from The Quest episode – Wayne bought the fabric for us so we would all match. I dunno about the green fabric he picked though. ^^;

– Cyberland Gackt from Malice Mizer – it was my compromise cause I wanted to do Squall but there are lots of Squalls already. I’ll make it if my vinyl has survived this long. =P

– Touga from Utena movie – for whenever my Saionji wants to do it. 😉

– Blreno from Five Star Stories – My FSS costume for this year. I have to do this just because the boowray knight uniforms are so ridiculous looking. LOL

– Oscaru from Takarazuka’s Rose of Versailles – started 2 years ago and never finished. Story of my life. Need to finish this year so I can be all angsty with Aimee as my Andre.

– Kizna from Candidate for Goddess – in the grand tradition of obscure CgG cosplay, Dez and I are doing the white uniforms from the opening… I think he gets more clothes than me this time. -_-

– Stripey victorian gown – this would be Judy’s bad influence. I can’t believe I’m making a bustle dress… o_O I can’t believe I’m making a dress at all. =P

Costumes I am allowed to shop for.

– Reni from Aoi Tori
– Alecto from Five Star Stories – but only if Aimee does Aisha Codante. =D

If I can get to even 1/2 of these, I will be ecstatic. If I so much as think of something not on the list, y’all are supposed to kick my butt ok?