The 2008 Costume Year in Review

Wow, it’s 2009 already! Tempus fugit!

Costume Made in 2008

Ulquiorra & Grimmjow – I made Hitsugaya and Tetsuzaemon costumes too.

Venka from Elfquest – Ok I didn’t have the fabric but she’s been on my to-do list for years so I’m glad I finally got to it. Need to get new photos that do not include the hotel hallway. =P

Blue Striped Victorian – I’m ridiculously proud of having done this; I’ve had the fabric for it for almost 3 years

Steampunk Costume

Touga – I totally forgot about this costume! Another costume that’s been on my list for years and I haven’t even made a webpage for it yet.

Stuff I had planned to do in 2008

Ulquiorra from Bleach – Done!

Something steampunk – Done!

Marushi 10 (design by Derek) – Moved to 2009 per Derek’s request

Seiju from Dolls – Canceled after the manga progressed and we got bored of it… too bad cause I really liked the concept.

Starfire’s Wedding Dress – Uh. No comment at this time. @_@

Ashura from RG Veda – Canceled Postponed due to lack of time in con schedule. praedestinatio tells me we are still doing it tho!

Plans for 2009

Miria from Claymore

d’Eon from Chevalier

Marushi 10

Fauna from Sleeping Beauty


Rocky Road – new design by CJ

Apache from Bleach – if the other girls do the rest of the Halibel’s fraccion with Cheryll

And the usual (eternal) wish to use more fabric from my stash!

The list seems really short! I think I’m trying to be optimistic in what I can accomplish so that any extra costumes I make are icing on the cake. =D