Opera performance at Berkeley

Thanks so much to all the well wishes! The performance went pretty well except for one minor snafu (which was not my fault).

I was actually performing at the Spring Festival at Berkeley, not the Earth Day Festival like I thought. My bad! =D It’s a small international fair put on by the students. We got there at 10:45ish and spent the next 2 hours putting on make-up and getting dressed. 2 hours of prep for a 10 minutes performance. Yayness. @_@

Of course everything was running waaaay late, so I was standing around backstage forever. I hate the waiting part because, of course, that’s when you decide: you’re hungry (can’t eat, in costume), have to go to the bathroom (can’t go, in costume) and you’re head starts to hurt from the costume (uuugh the costume).

Performance went decently well from where I was on stage. My voice dropped out of falsetto briefly because I was too busy trying to breathe and get through a more active section of the dance. I was totally kicking myself for letting it happen, but guess what? The portable mic they clipped on me and told me worked? It didn’t. I didn’t even realize it until I got off stage and they told me, but no one could hear me. Again.

Oh well…

On the plus side, my brother and his good friend, Matteo (video editing genius), were taping the performance and Matteo was on stage so he was able to pick up me singing in a couple spots. I haven’t seen the footage from the audience yet but the stuff from backstage looked great! Well, except for the part where Matteo ran into the piano while trying to get a better angle. ^^;

Hopefully I can bribe them into giving me a couple clips so I can post them.

I was so beat after that I just needed a wind-down day and I had to spend all of yesterday moving furniture in my room so we decided against going to the Cherry Blossom Festival. I’m sorry I missed seeing everyone!

The furniture moving was an absolute necessity. Someone just moved into my neighbor’s house, into the room that shares a wall with mine and he snores so effin loud, I can hear him through the wall. It’s been going on for a week now and I finally had to move my bed to the opposite side of the room before he drove me mad. I can still hear him (wtf?) but it’s better now. I’m just going to have to get used to playing a cd until I fall asleep. >.<