Yoyo supervising my room re-org last week. Like a true manager, he just watched and got in the way of the real work.

I’m gonna be out of town this weekend for a friend’s wedding. Specifically, I’ll be bumming in Maui, trying not to get melanoma (hello SPF60) and trying not to think about how I shoulda brought a sewing machine so I can cram for Fanime.

LOL. Not for realz. My only goal is that I’d like catch up on sleep… and maybe finish Shining Force on the GBA SP. (Don’t say it shinbios! I know you bought it for me 2 years ago. ^^; I’m a busy girl!)

I also need to sew rhinestones on the dress I’m wearing to the wedding because like the true nut that I am, I opted for pulling an all nighter and making a dress to wear as opposed to going to the mall and buying one. (I hate malls.)

So I’m a little short on sleep but I am now the dorkily happy owner of a Takarazuka musemuyaku revue style dress. Minus the bling which I am going to remedy soon. =D

Ok, back to work and then to the airport.