AX Photos

If this picture looks dubious, blame it on the very badly designed wing harness we came up with this year that requires reaching down each other’s dresses to snap the buckles. =D

Yeah, this is a way late post about AX…

So if I could sum up in one sentence what I did at AX, it would be: Spent the whole time in the room CHANGING.

Ohemgee, it feels like we were constantly changing… which we pretty much were! =P We way over-booked ourselves this year with the number of costumes.

Most my AX was spent wandering from photoshoot to photoshoot (when I wasn’t changing), so we weren’t at the con itself very much. I feel bad not being able to see a lot of people but isn’t that always the case? If you’re not cosplaying with a friend in the same group, it seems like you only manage to see them in passing as you’re running to somewhere else.

I’m too swamped under work deadlines (bleh) to type up a real report, so I’ll just stick to posting photos:

Gilgamesh Photoshoot
Yes, more Gilgasmex photos, courtesy of lionboogy. This time we picked up more clones: jinyo and scruffyrebel!

WISH angels
Photos by didjiman. We decided at the last minute to finish them… I wasn’t going to let that stupid wing get the better of me! (My finger is pretty much all better now too. I can almost make a fist properly. Yay!)

Sakura Taisen Revue suits
Photos by kuronosho. We finally got everyone together! Now we just need ass fluffies… =D

Rose of Versailles (again)
Photos by kuronosho. This time with Judy in her finished mint cupcake dress!

Go! Comi Blog
We did a little publicity type thing for Her Majesty’s Dog during their panel. =D (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

I think the only costume I’m missing here is Bleach. I’ll post photos of that when we get them. Bleach was comfy! (Well minus the part where I couldn’t go to the bathroom cause I didn’t want to have to ask Judy to re-tie the damn hakama for me again.) I had fun wearing it ’cause we sat around for most of the evening and talked to people. ^_^

This super fast update brought to you by Jamba Juice. Back to work!