Fanime photos – Guess what? MORE Bleach!

We did Fanime on Sunday and Monday morning. I spotted a lot of people and managed to say hi to almost everyone (I think) so that was good!

Sunday was all Bleach. This time I managed to rope Ikky-sempai into donning pogo101‘s Kyouraku costume. We did a small photoshoot with kuronosho and then managed to meet up with binkxy, utenatai, singingraisin, and tidus_dream (despite cell phone problems galore) and there were more Bleach photos taken. Those were spread across a couple cameras so they’ll turn up eventually.

We ended the day with our two panels which were packed! Thanks to everyone who came and hopefully it was somewhat useful!

Thanks to kuronosho for the photos!
(Uh in the mad rush out the door, we forgot Aki’s belt and my gloves…)