Trinity Blood Photos!

We’ve got photos of our Trinity Blood costumes from World Con!

So, obviously back from World Con and we survived! As soon as I got back, I went into work crunch mode so I haven’t had time to do much of anything, including sleep. Again… I’m really looking forward to the long weekend and being able to sleep in!

I’m sure I’m just being redundant and y’all are sick of hearing it but we won Best in Show at World Con! Pretty neato yeah?

Thanks to all my hcc_cosplay girls! Couldn’t have (and wouldn’t have) done it without y’all!

One of the coolest moments at World Con was when a Japanese author, who was attending to receive an award, came backstage to find us. She wanted to tell us that she was a friend of Sunao Yoshida (creator of TB) and how happy he would have been to see his characters popular in the U.S. It was so sweet and so sad. We told her his series is really really popular here, and of course then she wanted pictures, even though I had stripped down to my bodysuit… yay. @_@

We went to Disneyland too and I exercised enormous restraint and did not buy any Finding Nemo stuffed animals. Boy was I tempted though. ^^; The re-vamped Pirates ride was awesome (although I have to ask: wtf up with the sculpt of Barbossa’s face? Looks nothing like him.) And while I wasn’t raving about the Tikki Hut, it was worth sitting thru just to listen to joshuaaaaaa singing along.

Oh and then we proved what amazing friends we are by agreeing to go on ‘It’s a Small World’ with tristencitrine. I love you guys, but never again. LOL. I swear there is some level of hell where you have to listen to that song for the rest of eternity.

And on Sunday we went to the LA Japan Town for lunch and to visit the kitty store! It’s this adorable Japanese store with lots of stuff with kitties on it! I think my favorite purchase (and there were many) was the apron with the kitties running around on it. Seeing as how I can’t cook, I was thinking I could wear it when I’m working with resin products. =D

It was an awesome weekend!

This weekend’s mission: CLEAN. Ugh…