Some wedding photos (no, not mine!)


I caught Bobo sleeping on the tripod leg a couple mornings ago. Pretty special considering he had the entire living room to chose a snooze spot from. (And I got a little carried away with the depth of field thing on Zig’s camera.)

I attended two weddings a couple weeks ago. I went from being the maid of honor at one to being a groomsman at the next!

The first one was my best friend from MD, whom I’ve known since I was 4 years old. It was a beautiful wedding with synthesis of Chinese and Irish customs.

I discovered that all those years as a cosplay handler was perfect training for taking care of the bride! I spent a lot of the wedding fixing her dress for photos, feeding her, and helping her change. See, real world application of cosplay! =D

The second wedding was a Star Wars wedding and I was good friends with the bride and groom so I stood on the groom’s side with some other stormtroopers. It was the epitome of awesome geek wedding. Their cake was a star destroyer!!!

And here’s Judy and me trying to look somewhat presentable after spending a day in costume. Helmet hair!

I also went to Spa Terra in between the wedding madness. If you’re ever in Napa, check it out! To be perfectly honest, it was my first time going to a spa so I don’t have much to compare it to, but it was soooo nice! I wanna go again…

Here’s us bumming out at Robert Mondavi Winery after a day of drinking. =D

I’ll be at Fanime on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, HCC has 2 panels: (Im)possible structures (4pm) and Resin Casting (5pm) in Panel Room 2. Come by and say hi!

I’m not entirely decided on what I’ll be wearing but so far it looks like: Bleach, Trinity Blood and Touga.