Painted faces

I finally got around to putting up the photos Beatrice Wang took for me. Mostly they’re of me getting my make-up done. 2 hours of make-up for a 7-minute performance. @_@

I also put up the studio photos from my last dance recital.

I had my tryouts for the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival a couple weekends ago. I was dying of some plague that Judy gave me. (Ok, I don’t really know that she gave it to me. I’m just blaming her ’cause I live with her.) =D It was pretty miserable but I managed to not cough myself to death on stage. Of course, as soon as I walked off, I started hacking up a lung.

I thought I did decently well. My stage blocking was my biggest weakness. Opera is traditionally performed on small stages so we don’t use a lot of space and the tryout stage was really too big. I won’t know if I got in until mid-February. I’m consoling myself that it’d be a lot less stress if I didn’t have to perform 2 weekends in a row right before Celebrations and AX… but I would really really like get picked. ^^;

Anyways, I’m way excited to be doing a dance skit for Wonder Con with absenceofmind!!! We’re doing House of Flying Daggers and yes, we know the movie sucks, but the dance scenes are pretty…

Ok, I need to make me some new icons.