Warning: WoW babble ahead!

Sorry for anyone who doesn’t want to hear but I feel like rambling. =)

I did Kara for the first time yesterday. The noobs (absenceofmind, sesame_seed, and me) did not cause a party wipe and there was much rejoicing! Considering what a nervous wreck I was going into it, the whole thing went rather well. Of course, that was mostly ’cause we had our super duper sempais (who have been coaching us for the last couple of months) dragging us along.

Aki and I got spectacularly SQUISHED by the Strawman during the Opera Event and the entire party wiped once on Moroes, but we one-shotted everything else. We got as far as the Curator before calling it a night which was way farther than we originally planned to go .

It was pretty awesomely fun… in a mind meltingly stressful kinda way. I’m sure I’ll be fine after we do it… 8-9 more times. ^__^’

Anyways, that’s it for WoW babble. =)

Oh, isn’t the drawing cute?! lorelai drew it for me. I’m a Tauren druid (a big fat cow for people who dunno WoW) and my name is Ikarous so she drew me a cow falling out of the sky. LOL

In other random news, my opera teacher asked me to perform in June. Ohgeez. I haven’t practices singing in months. Gah.

Oh and I finally bought a new pair of in-line skates (after ziggybecket‘s garage ate my other 2 pairs). I can’t wait for the weather to get nicer so I can go skate! It’s been years since I skated on the streets. It’s not like you have to watch for sidewalk cracks and debris when you’re on ice so I’m praying for minimal wipe-outs my first couple of times out. @_@