Snoozing kitties and guild picnic

This batch of photos is not so awesome. It’s hard to take photos of kitties when they are baking half in / half out of the sun.

Judy’s co-workers are addicted to WoW. It’s so adorable. They’re quote a bit older than us and all they do is talk about WoW. They had a guild picnic a couple weekends ago and so we all went and ate ourselves stupid.

They’re also very fond of pirates, hence all the pirate decorations.

Yes, they printed out labels for the Gatorade bottles. =D

I embroidered guild patches for the favor bags.


We’re leave for San Diego Comic Con in 2 days! I’m in a mad rush to get some overtime in at work and finish up my last minute costume: Venka from Elfquest. I look retarded in it as I am not elf shaped/sized in any way whatsoever. Sigh. Well it was easy and I’m almost done and that’s about all I can say about it.

The only other costumes I’m bringing are the Singaporean pirate and Ulquiorra.

I know it’s a long shot (hullo crowds of DOOM) but I hope I get to see some of y’all that are going!

P.S. Am watching Avatar now. 3/4 of the way through season 2. I want a flying bison of my own. <3 Appa.