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Comic-con 2011

Comic-con this year was quite relaxing! Amazing how much of the con you can see when you are not painting in your room the whole time. >.<

We only sat in on a couple panels but it was just about right. I have total ADD and can’t sit through too many panels. Judy and I went to a Patricia Briggs panel on Thursday. We figured there was no hope of getting into the George R.R. Martin one so we opted for another author we liked. It was interesting to hear how she came up with the idea for her Mercy Thompson series, which is that her publisher decided they needed an urban fantasy series so asked her to write it. o_O

And then on Sunday, we got up retarded early and sat in line to get into Hall H. We were aiming for the Supernatural and Doctor Who panel, but we also sat through Glee which was in front of those. The Supernatural panel was awesome!

At one point, we ended up across from a booth that had the Game of Thrones cast at it. We stopped to watch them and I was looking at this really hot guy getting interviewed, and I turned to Judy and was like: How much you wanna bet that’s the guy who plays Jamie Lannister? =D (Turns out I was right… Cheryll confirmed it for me later.)

I didn’t bother dragging around a camera so all my photos are scrounged from other people and there aren’t that many.

Decorating a wedding couple’s car and Half Dome training.

Oh hai, I have an LJ! ^^;

SDCC was fun! I think I need to give up cosplaying anything but very simple stuff there though… you just cannot get anywhere in costume. It was a miracle we ever managed to get anywhere and uh… while in Easterlings, I think we did the strategic “cannot hear you because of helmet” thing in order to get to places we needed to be.

We did the Sleeping Beauty fairies, the easterlings and the BSG viper pilot off-duty uniforms.

Highlight was seeing David Tenant! Oh and being told by the guy who plays Anders that my BSG costume was cool… me and Judy totally did a double-take with the was-that-who-I-think-it-was…? =D

And because I have no photos from SDCC, I have photos from this past weekend instead.