UK photos pt.1

I’ve been slow processing UK photos because I was busy watching Avatar. Just finished season 3 and it was very happy. =D

Question to the Avatar fans: Why do you suppose they didn’t wrap up the bit with Zuko’s mom? Are you supposed to assume the worst and they just didn’t want to say?

We started our vacation by visiting all the famous spots in London that are always getting blown up in movies.

Had a happy Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman) moment when I got on the tube.

Parliament. Blown up in V for Vendetta.

Big Ben. Blown up in Doctor Who (and I’m sure lots of other shows).

London Eye. Blown up in lots of movies as well.
We did not go up because we are lousy tourists. That and it cost $50!!!

Westminster Abbey. Hm, not sure if it’s been blown up in anything.
Sidenote: Not a big fan of how they used to bury people in the churches. I just find it kinda creepy.

For realz???

Natural History Museum

The weather was LOUSY. It was cold and rainy almost the entire time we were there which is apparently unusual for August.
I did not pack very well for the unexpected weather.

Stupidest tea bag design evar. So basically what happens with this ingenious design is that the tea bag starts absorbing the water and siphoning it up over the side of the cup and then starts dripping tea onto the table. Who designed this thing?!

A cross section of a sequoia tree. Ok, not that interesting but amusing to see for us Californians who can drive to them.

[info]jess_bluebirdy has the same camera I now have so she was giving me lessons on how to use it.

After 1/2 a day of touristing, we went back to [info]dmk26‘s flat to get ready for the wedding reception. This is Judy looking forlornly at her dress stuck in the dryer. It took us a good 20 minutes to figure out how to operate the silly thing. We also nearly set the flat on fire trying to use the italian steamer I own. ^^;

The wedding reception was at a really neat night club. It was outside though so yes, we were kinda cold.

It was a very classy, yummy dinner.

See, this is a much better design for a tea bag.

Even the sugar looked cool.

Next morning, Jess, Judy and I got on a train to go see Warwick Castle. Uh… obviously I did not take this photo…

Hi Jess!

This was the highlight of our day and why we picked this castle to go to. They had a functioning trebuchet. How cool is that?!

Last photo for today! [info]dmk26‘s wife is crazy about cows so we totally bonded.
I was madly jealous of her cow salt/pepper shakers. I want a set!