UK photos pt.4 – Last batch of photos!

Back to the U.K.

The day after Versailles, we headed out to the Cotswolds. It’s an area of quaint small towns along a river, all within a mile or two of each other. Think Thomas Kinkade paintings.

We stopped by Stowe on the Wode first. (I think I got that name right).

The weather was overcast and it looked like it was going to rain but we decided to do the hike that takes you on a big loop around the nearby towns.

We bought a hiking map and off we went…

And it started raining 20 minutes into the hike. =D

The public footpaths go through people’s farms and fields.

Lost in a field somewhere!

Ok we weren’t that lost, we just kind of lost the path for a mile or so because of all the mud and rain.


We finally made it back to civilization at which point we were starving and soaking wet.
I forgot to take a photo of our jeans which were soaked up to the knees.

We called the cab driver to take us to the B&B Judy had booked. I kid you not, each town only had one cab driver.

The B&B was amazing! It was beautiful and comfy and the food was amazing. I’ll have to get Judy to post the name because if you’re ever in the area, you must go stay there.

After slogging around in the rain all day, we decided to spend a quiet evening. Judy read and I tackled Shining Force again. (Yes, I’m still not done with that game.)

Next day, we hopped on the train and went to Bath. Their city mascot is a pig so there are pigs done by different artists all over the city.

We went and checked out the Roman Bath ruins.

That’s natural water btw. The green is a bit off-putting. Not sure I’d bathe in it. =D

We went to the city run spa after which was neat. You can sit in a heated pool on the roof and get rained on. =D
It’s great until you have to get up and get out. ;_;
No photos of that part but here’s the site for the Thermae Bath Spa.

Then we went to find to have high tea at a place recommended by a friend.


A random thing we saw on the way back to the train. It’s like lego buildings!

A sushi “boat” restaurant in Paddington station. I love the flying saucer boats.

Our last couple of days in the UK, we went to the Doctor Who exhibit, wandered around in our Victorian dresses, and went shopping around London.

Some adventures on the Underground.

On our last day, we checked out a flea market and dmk26 took us to a famous cupcake bakery.

And then we had to pack up to go home.

These photos are just for Heath who is horrified by our packing (and unpacking) methods. He apparently doesn’t subscribe to the method of: everything goes on the floor first before it goes back into the suitcase. =D

And my last photo is of the cutest pair of shoes evar.

And I’m finally done with UK photos! Woot! Only took… 2 months?