That time of year again… dance photos!

Due to scheduling snafus (and I swear it was not my fault ’cause they moved the date after I booked my tickets), I was at Dragon*con during the official studio photoshoot. We begged ziggybecket into helping us out so we could get some photos to be used in the program. Thanks Zig!

Of the 5 dances I’m doing, we only shot 3 of them and by the third, I was really sick of changing so it’s just as well.

I made all our costumes for this dance… total pain in the ass… I think they came out ok though.

This photo is never making it into any of the programs but I love how abstract it looks.

Guess who totally had to go spray tan cause she was 2 shades lighter than everyone else? And I still look really pale in this photo.

I’m supposed to be a fish…

And I dunno what the costume shop in China was thinking when they added on that orange panel… I’m probably going to remove it and replace it with a pink color.

3 days to hiking Half Dome. WARGH!
3 weeks to performance. WAAAARGH!