A bit heartbroken over dance

The dance studio just announced the performance date for this year and it falls on the same day as my brother’s wedding. Obviously, I wouldn’t miss my brother’s wedding for anything, but I’m pretty heartbroken about not being able to perform this year. I’m especially upset about the trio I was doing with lorelai and D. It was a lot of fun and now we won’t get to perform it. /sigh

This also means I am no longer taking any dance class because all the classes I was in are doing choreography right now. I am trying to think about what to do instead. There is a Saturday morning class I can switch to but it’s at 7:30am. /groan I’ll give it a try but I am so not a morning person. I was thinking of maybe finding a Zumba class too. I’ve been wanting to check that out for a while now.

I guess it also means I can actually make my WoW Rated Battleground team games on Tuesdays for a change. While that is actually appealing, somehow replacing dance with sitting around in front of a computer doesn’t seem like a good trade-off. =D

In happier news, I got Lightroom from a friend at Adobe and it is amazing. I haven’t even begin to scratch the surface of what it can do and I am a happy happy kitty. Between LR and my fixed computer (finally!) with functioning card reader built in, I’m hoping the turnaround on photos will now be something less than 3+ months. ^^;

Someone left a present for me! That mouse is so gross from the kitties drooling all over it… =D

Awful photo on my part but it cracked me up cause Yoyo looks SO FAT.