Steampunk Con 2011

A bunch of us went to the Steampunk Exhibition yesterday. We spent a lot of time wandering around looking at the booths and exhibitions, and we sat in on a panel where Gail Carriger was speaking. Gail Carriger is the author of a really awesome steampunk victorian series that we love. It has werewolves, vampires, and awesome humor on top of steampunk. What’s not to love? If you’re into that kind of thing, check out Soulless which is the first book.

I’m always a little afraid to sit in on panels of authors I like because just because they can write, doesn’t mean they can speak. One of the very first authors I heard in person was Neal Stephenson and I was so disappointed. I’m sorry, but the guy is an awful speaker. I like his books though! (For the most part…)

I had a great time listening to Gail Carriger though! I’m so glad we dragged ourselves up to go see her because she was in the first round of panels that morning, and I had trouble getting myself and Marcus out of bed and out the door. =D The other author on her panel, Cheryl Priest, was also great to listen to and I really want to check out her books now. From what I gather, her books are steampunk in civil war times. Time to hit the library!

After the panel, we went up and fangirl-ed a bit on Ms. Carriger and got a photo with her. (It’s on Judy’s camera though so I gotta go poke Judy for it.) We had lunch, wandered around, and then checked out the Lego Convention which was also in the hotel. So awesome! The 2 cons decided to offer badges to each other’s conventions for $10 so we got to check out the legos and they got to come check out the crazy costumers. =D

We made these dessert-like victorian dresses for Dickens Fair last year but I didn’t finish all the trimming on mine until a couple weeks ago. They are actually an homage to the dresses that are worn in Soulless and Ms. Carriger totally commented on it which made my day. ^__^

Do I look enough like a key lime pie? =D

These historical umbrellas have the most beautiful handles. I wish I could have afforded one! Why don’t they make parasols like that anymore???

And this isamused by the fact that I was sitting there freezing my butt off even though there were piles of fabric right next to me. =D Judy ran out to the car to get our muggle clothes…