Underworld Death Dealer

So in between fixing up my Mai costume, I’ve been working on my Death Dealer costume. I’ve wanted one of these costumes since I saw the movie, so I’m pretty excited to be finally making it! And because I have seen this movie way too many times, I know that there is an asian female Death Dealer in the background of one scene who wears the same outfit as Selene.

I’m kind of hating pleather right now though. I probably should have chosen a stiffer type like the movie’s, but I had some leftover pleather I bought in Japan years ago that I’m using instead.

Other than the corset, the rest of the costume is “done”. “Done” as in I purchased everything else. =D The Death Dealer I’m doing doesn’t have the arm cuffs Selene has so I don’t have to make those either.

When Selene is talking to Khan about the UV bullets, they pan to the other Death Dealers and there’s this asian girl back there. When I noticed her, I was like: Hey! Asian vampire! Sweet! =D She’s in the movie for all of 5 seconds.

I started to do the design on the corset by hand and then realized I have this amazingly expensive embroidery machine sitting on my sewing table which would probably do a much better job than me. So after some wrangling with the digitizing software, in which I discovered that sometimes it won’t tell me if my design is too big for a hoop (wtf), I finally managed to get the design onto the machine and the results were pretty awesome.

And this is where I’m at currently. I have to make straps for the other side of the buckles, put in the liner, and then seal off the edges. Pleather bias tape… oh joy. =PPPP