1911 Corset

So I finally finished the corset that was supposed to go under my Titanic dress. =D A month after the Titanic event…

I was doing the 1911 Corset Sew Along, which started in January, and then realized I wasn’t going to be able to wear a corset come April, so I shelved the project. I’ve had some free time the last couple of weeks so I decided to sit down and finish it. I have no idea when I’ll get to use it but hey, it’s done!


I used the pattern provided on the Bridges on the Body blog, and mostly followed the sew along steps. She’s way more precise than me in her pattern drafting. I’m way lazy and skipped a lot of the detailed steps she took. ^^; I did do a muslin mockup though for my first fitting.

The bones on this corset are only 9-10″ long (except along the grommets), and obviously the channels are way longer, so you want to do something to keep the bones in place. The blog had a diagram and demonstration on how to do flossing which I thought sounded neat… until I tried it. Ohmigod, I suck at embroidery! It took me all day and it looks terrible!

I’m never doing that again.  Next time, I’m just machine stitching a line across to hold the bones in place!

Just so you can see… the flossing is the really awful, crooked looking triangles in the photo below. =D

And just for fun, I took a photo of my corset liner. I’ve used this adorable cow flannel in all of my corsets to date. I have a ton left too, so it will probably be in every new corset I make for the next 30 years.