I love my fuzzies but OHMIGOD

I spent 2 and a half hours last night trying to fix my laptop after Yoyo went to sleep on the keyboard. He managed to lock up the keyboard so it would only type gobbly gook AND take out my wireless connection.

After half an hour of trying to fix the keyboard by typing all the keys any sane normal human would do, I solved the problem by mashing my hands at random on the keys. I kid you not. Mash #3 unlocked my keyboard. I don’t even know what keys I pushed. =P

The wireless problem was not so easily fixed. In fact… it’s not fixed at all. I still can’t connect to our network at home. Did I mention I had to check in some code last night and discovered at 11pm what Yoyo had done? -_-

I had to explain to my co-worker that my cat had haxxored my computer. At least he was amused… ^^;

I’m going to buy THIS. Software that detects cats on your keyboard and locks it down! This guy is a genius! I will happily pay $20 to preserve my sanity as my cats have decided that my laptops are the optimal heated sleeping location.