Slightly massive website update

I’m supposed to be fixing a bug for work, but I’m kinda stumped so instead I’m updating my webpage. I re-did the layout completely and added some costumes I never got around to adding like my cow lolita and Reni’s summer yukata. Anyone want to QA the site for me and tell me if anything is broken? =)

Oh and lemme know if you want me to add a link!

I also played FFXI today. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to MOVE. F minus minus for me. ^^; Turns out that because I’m on a laptop with a smaller keyboard, I’m supposed to use my mouse to move. Dude, I read the manual. That was so not in there. =P

Anyways, it was fun enough but there are no worries of me ever getting addicted to the game out of sheer self preservation. I start getting motion sick within the first 20 minutes of playing… ^^;