Avatar Photoshoot

We did an Avatar photoshoot a couple weekends ago. Cheryll was awesome enough to come be our photographer and we had a relaxed, totally fun photoshoot. And then we had donuts and cold pizza after which is how all photoshoots should wrap. =D

I feel the need to do more Avatar costumes now!

(Oh and in case it’s not obvious, I finally managed to get my website moved onto WordPress. Woo!)

We shot at the Sun Yat-sen memorial in San Jose. It was the only Chinese looking buildings I could find. If anyone else know of any in the area that can be used for photoshoots, I’d love to hear about it! The only other one I could think of was the pavilion in Golden Gate Park.

Katnap as Katara.

Hoshikaji as Toph.

Marcus as Zuko.

Braisinhussy as Azula.

And me as Mai.

This time I put the buns too far back. ARGH. Gonna have to remove them and try again. Third time’s the charm right? /sigh

I’ve got my eye on you! =D

And I think this is one of my favorite photos from the shoot. LOL. Hoshikaji is just too cute as Toph! <3

Braisinhussy looking totally badass while kicking Marcus’ butt.

And everyone needs a life changing field-trip!

The entire set is on Flickr. Thanks Cheryll for the awesome photos!

And here is Judy’s photoshoot of her lovely 18th century zone front dress.