Death Dealer Photoshoot

I just got the photos from my Underworld photoshoot from Jeff, and they are soooo amazing!

When I asked Jeff to go out and take photos with me, I was kind of expecting us to go out and pick a spot and just take photos with some street lighting at dusk. Instead Jeff showed up with all these lights and stands, and with Mel and Marcus acted as lighting assistants, we spent an entire night running around SF taking photos.

I was soooo cold but it was so worth it!

The entire set is on my website, but here are some of my favorites…

It took us a lot of tries to get this to look right. It’s supposed to look like Selene’s post from the Underworld: Evolution poster. It is a damned awkward pose!

So there is a website that lists every gun used in every movie. Very handy if you ever need to find the guns your character was using.

I love this photo! It involved me kneeling on the ground for a while while Jeff tweaked the lighting, and I’m sure all the cars driving by were very @_@. LOL

We found this really neat building that had ledges I could use to (hopefully) make it look like I was on top of a building.

And the building had really cool lighting fixtures on the outside.

It was a pretty comfy costume so I imagine I will be getting a lot of use out of it!