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Rosebowl Parade Video

I just realized that I never posted a video! Last post about the damn parade, I promise. =D

The video above isn’t super hi-res but it has great footage of us marching. This video has a much clearer picture:

And this was posted by one of the guys from Taiwan:
It has a tiny clip of me being interviewed. (If I’d know that’s all they were gonna use, I’d have done the interview in Chinese, not English. =P) This was apparently aired on the Taiwanese equivalent of CNN so everyone and their dog saw it… including a bunch of my relatives whom promptly called up my parents. *dies*

Stormtroopers in the Rose Parade

Happy New Year everyone!
I’m celebrating in Pasadena by… going to bed NOW. ^^;

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m marching in the Rose Bowl Parade tomorrow with the 501st (stormtroopers). It’s 5.5 miles and we have to be on the buses by 5am. *groan*

If you’re bored, turn on the tv and look for us! I’m in the flag corps and carrying Italy’s flag.

You can also look for scruffyrebel who will be the Leia and zendrag0n who is our Han Solo. They’ll be much easier to spot than me. =D

Wish us luck! =D

P.S. Check out this video that some guys from one of the midwest garrisons did. It’s SO awesome. =D That guy yelling is actually the colonel that’s in charge of training over here.

Ok, time to hit the sack. o_O