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Star Wars Family Photo for Holiday Cards

This year’s holiday theme card was of course: Star Wars!

Star Wars Family Photo

I am so so grateful to Jeff Kuo, who is my go-to photographer for everything. He’s so great to work with, so versatile, produces amazing photos, and I love his cat. =D He was also incredibly forgiving of me for waiting until the last minute to pester him for photos.

I had grand plans to do the holiday card photoshoot in November and be all on top of it, but I ended up having an emergency quilt to finish in November (which I’ll blog about later), so I didn’t get my imperial officer costume done on schedule, and the photoshoot ended up getting pushed into December.

One of these years, I will actually get my act together so that I will not have to pay the rush fee for the card printing.

Rosebowl Parade Video

I just realized that I never posted a video! Last post about the damn parade, I promise. =D

The video above isn’t super hi-res but it has great footage of us marching. This video has a much clearer picture:

And this was posted by one of the guys from Taiwan:
It has a tiny clip of me being interviewed. (If I’d know that’s all they were gonna use, I’d have done the interview in Chinese, not English. =P) This was apparently aired on the Taiwanese equivalent of CNN so everyone and their dog saw it… including a bunch of my relatives whom promptly called up my parents. *dies*