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Bay to Breakers 2007

I’m alive, just very busy, and lately, I haven’t really had anything all that interesting to say so posting has been minimal (to say the least).

twjudy and I did Bay to Breakers yesterday with the Golden Gate Garrison. We went with the smart choice of wearing sneakers instead of our official costume boots. My feet are much much happier this year. It was a lot of fun and we had twice as many troopers as last year! We even had some guys from the German Garrison (who were in town visiting) join us for the 8-mile walk.

Ok, it was more like 10 miles by the time we were done…

The interesting thing about all that boot camp marching practice we got in Pasadena is that now we all just automatically fall into ranks and my mind starts getting all panicky if I’m not lined up with everyone else. It made for fun times trying to navigate around all the drunks. =D

This morning, I got at least four phone calls from friends telling me that I’m in the San Jose Mercury News. There is also a photo of us from the race on the front page of the printed paper. (If you get the paper, I’m the small trooper on the right.)

Nothing like getting to work to find that your co-worker has already laid out the newspaper for everyone to see. ^^;

We’re off to Celebrations this weekend. We’ll be there Friday and Saturday. If you’re going, lemme know where to come find y’all since I know a bunch of you will be stationed at booths.

Rosebowl Parade Video

I just realized that I never posted a video! Last post about the damn parade, I promise. =D

The video above isn’t super hi-res but it has great footage of us marching. This video has a much clearer picture:

And this was posted by one of the guys from Taiwan:
It has a tiny clip of me being interviewed. (If I’d know that’s all they were gonna use, I’d have done the interview in Chinese, not English. =P) This was apparently aired on the Taiwanese equivalent of CNN so everyone and their dog saw it… including a bunch of my relatives whom promptly called up my parents. *dies*