Fanime 2011

We managed to spend more time at Fanime this year than the past 2 years combined. LOL. I even managed to get my lazy butt into a costume too. Woo!

Marcus humoring my need to dress him up as Zuko.

I totally took this photo at a bad angle. Oops. Oh well… uh… check out Marcus’ awesome form? ^^; (He used to study kung-fu.)

Judy and I actually had a couple people recognize us as Chevalier characters while we were standing around waiting forand. I was impressed! Judy must have picked one of the most obscure characters in that series.

We ran into this really awesome Azula. (And I have no idea what I was actually focusing on…)

And outtakes…

Aimee’s solution after we told her to stop waving her sword around before she stabbed someone.

Huge tracts of land. =D