Off to Atlanta… and eventually Dragon*con

I’m heading off to Atlanta tonight to spend a couple days with my cousin there and then I’ll be meeting up with the rest of HCC at Dragon*con (minus Char, boo).

I’ve been running around like a madwoman trying to get everything finished and packed. I spent all last week cramming to finish dance costumes in time for our photoshoot and then I spent all weekend working, so I haven’t really done any prep for D*C. Which is just as well because I can’t fit anything else into my suitcase!

I’m bringing Fauna, my pirate costume, and my steampunk and that’s seriously all I can fit. I have the world’s largest lego set for my nephews that is eating up 1/4 of my suitcase and a bunch of wine for gifts. Add in my crossbow and I barely had room to fit in muggle clothes.

I can’t wait to see TSA tear apart my suitcase to get to the crossbow. >.<

My only goal is to hang out with lots of people at D*C so if you’re going, let’s meet up!