Decorating a wedding couple’s car and Half Dome training.

Oh hai, I have an LJ! ^^;

SDCC was fun! I think I need to give up cosplaying anything but very simple stuff there though… you just cannot get anywhere in costume. It was a miracle we ever managed to get anywhere and uh… while in Easterlings, I think we did the strategic “cannot hear you because of helmet” thing in order to get to places we needed to be.

We did the Sleeping Beauty fairies, the easterlings and the BSG viper pilot off-duty uniforms.

Highlight was seeing David Tenant! Oh and being told by the guy who plays Anders that my BSG costume was cool… me and Judy totally did a double-take with the was-that-who-I-think-it-was…? =D

And because I have no photos from SDCC, I have photos from this past weekend instead.

Half Dome is a big ass mountain in Yosemite . It is a 4000 ft climb and about 15 miles roundtrip. The average hiker does the trip in 12-14 hours, and we’re doing it at the end of September!

Judy read somewhere that climbing Half Dome is equivalent to climbing 400 floors worth of stairs… so guess what we’ve been doing on our lunch breaks? =P

Last weekend’s hike was pretty easy but we’re trying to get used to our gear so we’ve been carting everything along. I feel silly using trekking poles on flat areas but I need to get used to them… every now and then, I trip over them. ^^;

Hey look, it’s Judy with a map again! <3

lorelai and I decorated our friends’ wedding car. She did the back.

And I did the front. It’s the Chinese character for “double happiness” done in flowers.

Actually we just made the decorations and then some poor sod had to figure out how to attach them to the car. They did a better job than I would have!

So this weekend is an 11 mile hike with 2000 feet of climbing! Yay… >.<