B/W Striped Victorian progress

This dress is somewhat inspired by Sleepy Hollow ’cause I love the costumes in that movie. And by somewhat, I mean very somewhat… as in the only thing they have in common is black and white stripes.

I went for simple on this dress and decided to go for barely any trim.  (Translation: I got lazy and didn’t want to make any trim.)

The top is pretty much the only thing I have to finish. I’ve been having problems getting the liner in properly. My last attempt made a mess of the back so I took it out and am trying again. Oh and matching the stripes on the top totally kicked my butt. No more stripes for me. =P

Anyways, my dress!

Uh… my dummy is chestier than me -_-;; so the top doesn’t close properly but you can kind of see what’s going on.

View of my very unfinished sleeves.

Does the back look weird? I didn’t really pay attention to the chevrons when I was bustling it up. I just started tacking and this is what I ended up with. Not sure if I should adjust it so only points show or something?

We’ll be at Dickens Fair this Saturday so let us know if you’ll be there too! =)