No, I do not own a slave Leia outfit. =P It was loaned to me by Jaymen of Leia’s Metal Bikini. I was retarded enough to let my friend, John, talk me into wearing it, and after seeing photos, I’m thinking… never again unless I plan to do sit-ups for 3 months beforehand.

Thankfully, people were more interested in checking out my tattoos than me. =P

Anyways, Celebrations was fun! We only spent a couple days there but really, I think that’s enough for me. I am actually not a rabid Star Wars fan (sacrilege I know), so two days was perfect.

The weekend highlights:

– seeing Pirates of the Carribean at the El Capitan. We got to see the costumes too which rocked. And yes the movie had issues, but at least it was fun.

– running around with my fellow geeky garrison buddies. Ok, we didn’t have to travel all the way to SoCal to do that but it was fun.

– partying with Zen and Tracy… I can now say I have been in General Grevious’ bed. =D (It’s really not as bad as that sounds…)

– most random highlight: running into Glen Murakami and Irineo!!! That was sooo awesome! If you’re reading this, sorry I was so spacey when you guys flagged me down!

– discovering that my prescription motion sickness medicine works! (Trust me: this is HUGE.)

I didn’t buy anything although I was really tempted by the Mr Potato Head stormtrooper.

On Sunday, I went to hang out with my brothers. Albert was visiting from NYC and it’s been a long time since all three of us were in the same city.

Do you see this photo?! I used to be taller than both of them… by a lot!