Baby Room & Shower & Cat Stuff

My baby room is no where near as fancy or as pretty as Aimee’s… I’m just not big into decorating. ^^; As long as everything around me is functional, I don’t pay much attention to how it looks. I think we did ok in making the baby room a little more than just functional though!

And because all the baby talk kind of makes me go: @_@ (and yes I know I should probably try to get over that real soon), I included kitty photos at the end of this post. ^^;

So I must have gone through 30 some pages of wall decals on Etsy. What is with all the jungle animal themes?! I am just not into monkeys… I gave up on trying to find something in the traditional baby theme and decided on pandas and then it was like: wow, there are a lot of rather fugly pandas out there! ^^;

This was one of the few panda decals out there that is actually cute.

Here’s a better shot of the wall decal taken right after we stuck it on.

And as you can see, Yoyo is demonstrating why we had to cover all the chairs in the room with blankets.

Our house is pretty small, around 1000 sq ft so we’ve gotten pretty good at being efficient with space. For example, the oh-so-awesome-tupperware-drawer-unit that we had no where else to put is now our table for the baby room.

I put a piece of foamcore on the top to make a a flat tabletop surface and then made a cover for it.

It even has zippers up the side so we can get into the drawers. Ok… not exactly rocket science sewing but I was pretty proud of it when I finished. =D

We haven’t put down the mattress on the crib because we don’t want the cats taking up residence in there.

The only piece of furniture we bought for the room is the Ikea shelving unit that we’re using as a changing table. Everything else was hand-me-downs from my cousin and good friend, Nancy, which is awesome. Baby stuff is stupid expensive!

I also have a crazy amount of hand-me-down clothing from my cousin’s kids, so I packed all the extras into tupperware bins and made another fabric cover for them. We had no where else to put the bins so it doubled pretty nicely as another table-like-unit.

Sock boxes! Baby socks are so itty bitty and we have so many, and I was trying to figure out how to keep track of them all so I decided to make sock boxes out of foamcore and hotglue. Of course, halfway through all this, I realized that half the things I thought were socks are actually mittens…

Bobo approves of the sock boxes. Marcus thought I was crazy… but he wasn’t the one who had to fold all the itty bitty socks and try to organize them in the drawers. =P

A couple weeks ago, Judy and Nancy threw me a baby shower and they totally fancied up Judy’s place!

Look at the cake Judy made! How awesomely adorable is that?! I felt terrible when it came time to cut it up….



And finally, kitty photos!

I got a new fabric carrier a couple months ago. I got a really big one this time and I think it might be too big because it fits both cats…




Yoyo and Bobo eye-ing the visitors to the new bird feeder we have in the backyard.


The ever helpful sewing assistant…