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Stormtroopers in the Rose Parade

Happy New Year everyone!
I’m celebrating in Pasadena by… going to bed NOW. ^^;

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m marching in the Rose Bowl Parade tomorrow with the 501st (stormtroopers). It’s 5.5 miles and we have to be on the buses by 5am. *groan*

If you’re bored, turn on the tv and look for us! I’m in the flag corps and carrying Italy’s flag.

You can also look for scruffyrebel who will be the Leia and zendrag0n who is our Han Solo. They’ll be much easier to spot than me. =D

Wish us luck! =D

P.S. Check out this video that some guys from one of the midwest garrisons did. It’s SO awesome. =D That guy yelling is actually the colonel that’s in charge of training over here.

Ok, time to hit the sack. o_O

The landspeed of an unladen stormtrooper…

On Sunday, I did Bay to Breakers, a road race that goes from the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. It’s one of those quintessential SF things you have to do at least once and I’ve always wanted to do it, so when a bunch of the guys in the garrison decided to do it , I was like: “Sign me up! Cause nothing is better than doing a 7+ mile road race in plastic armor!”

Yeaaah. ^^;

Well, I’m still hobbling a little bit but mostly it’s cause I have 6 blisters from my boots. Lemme just say: Stormtrooper boots are not made for long distance walking. And I have bruising from places where my armor was whacking into me for 3 hours straight. I anticipated most of that and tried to pad out everything with foam but there’s only so much you can do.

For those wondering what the landspeed of an unladen stormtrooper is: a whopping 3 mph. ^__^’ As one of the girls said: this just proves that troopers are not meant to troop; they should stick to riding a transport.

Thanks so much to twjudy for letting me drag her along as a handler. (I dunno why she still hangs out with me considering the crap I put her through. ^_^)

Star Wars and Burger King

Thanks everyone who helped with my FFXI confusion! I ordered 2 copies this morning so yay!

I just had Burger King for lunch. Bleeeh. I don’t like Burger King… but they have these really cool Star Wars tins with watches inside them that I wanted. Maybe next time I can just buy the toy and not the meal cause YUCK.

Anyways, I got the Darth Maul and Obi Wan one. =D

I’ve been noodling doing a Darth Maul costume ’cause I love being in the 501st but being in armor can get so uncomfortable sometimes. Darth Maul would be so much comfier. (And his 2-sided light saber is SO badass!) Of course it also comes with that 1.5 hour make-up job so I need to think about it.

I did get to look at his costume up close in LA a couple weekends ago though and it’s got some really cool details. And I already have motorcycle boots and gloves so I’m saved one of the big expenses…

If you’re at all into Star Wars costumes, you should get this Dressing a Galaxy. Very very cool book.

Every time I post, I realize I need another icon. I like the one I made for this post! I probably look just like that. =P