Tea at the Sheraton & the Gaultier Exhibit

Here are some photos for when we went for tea at the Sheraton in San Francisco. Praedestinatio didn’t get to go to the Last Dinner Aboard the Titanic, so we wanted to wear our 1910s dresses to another event. We decided doing tea would be fun and we love checking out new places for high tea.

I also posted a couple (ok more than a couple) of photos from the Gaultier exhibit at the deYoung Museum that we visited before going to tea.

The Sheraton is a gorgeous location for tea. I have to say the tea service itself wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it’s worth checking out just for the location if you like to do tea.








And now some photos from the Gaultier exhibit…





This corset had hinges at the seams which I thought was really cool.



Crazy fabric manipulation. @_@














One of Ruby Rod’s costumes from Fifth Element!

And because I loved the stewardess costumes so much…. It was really cool to see that Gaultier actually drew where the crazy seam lines on these costumes were supposed to go in his sketches.


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  • Josh

    Do I see a steampunk piece with a hinged corset in the not-too-distant future?

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